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Last Year's Highlights

The 2023 Smile Foundation trip was a success. Fourteen team members traveled to Isla Mujeres and X-Can, Mexico to restore smiles to residents. A few highlights of the trip:

Information for this year's trip to Isla...

Dates of Trip: May 14 - May 21


Average Cost Per Person: $1,700.00


Approximate Travel Time: 9.5 hours


Number of People Serving: 21

We restored smiles to about 340 Mexican residents between the island and the Yucatan.
Some members of the team pulled their first tooth!
We completed constructions on both our clinics. The X-Can clinic required some finishing touches, such as assembling the bunk beds. The Isla clinic is located in the heart of the island. We painted the optometry room "Sueños" blue which means "dreams" in Spanish. It has been our dream to have a clinic to call our own! Before that dream came true, we were able to "borrow" others' clinics.
Interested in using our facilities? Contact us!

Fun Fact: We planted six different fruit plants at our Yucatán location, such as banana, zaramullo, and papaya.

We were able to not only reconnect with residents we have served every year but also make some new friends!

Irma of Isla Mujeres has been volunteering with The Smile Foundation for 12 years!


Mexico is famous for its cenotes – natural sinkholes filled with freshwater that have opened up below the earth’s surface.

We took some time after work to explore the areas surrounding our clinic locations. For example, we swam in cenotes (ancient sinkholes) in the Yucatán and snorkeled in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Isla Mujeres.

Fun Fact: Garrafón reef formation in Isla Mujeres is part of the longest reef in the hemisphere.

We are looking forward to 2024!

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